Georgetown Charter Township
1515 Baldwin St., Jenison, MIĀ  49428
Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting Agenda
October 25, 2017, 7:30 p.m.


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(VAR1705) Signworks of Michigan, Inc., 4612 44th St. SE, (for Boulder Bluff)

is requesting to have (6) six freestanding signs, a variance of (5) five freestanding signs from the maximum of (1) one allowed in Sec. 25.6(B), and to have a minimum distance of 1.5 feet from the bottom of each of the signs to the ground, a variance of 6.5 feet from the minimum of (8) eight feet required in Sec. 25.6(B); to have 111.75 total square feet of freestanding signage, a variance of 11.75 square feet from the maximum of 100 square feet allowed in Sec. 25.6(B) for a business center freestanding sign and a variance of 61.75 square feet from the maximum of 50 square feet allowed in Sec. 25.6(B) for a ground-mounted freestanding sign; for a total of 111.75 square footage of signage in lieu of approximately 588.75 square feet of wall signage; in a (NS) Neighborhood Service Commercial district, on a parcels of land described as: P.P. # 70-14-14-329-001 through P.P. # 70-14-14-329-018; located at 1388, 1384, 1368, 1366, 1364, 1362, 1360, 1342, 1388, 1344, 1346, 1348, 1350, 1352, 1352 and 1338 Baldwin Street, Georgetown Township, Ottawa County, Michigan.

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